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Swamy plab 2

I finally made my route. Could you please let me know where you were staying during your preparation in Barking? Hello there. Can u write to my email regarding your circumstances, and I shall see what I can do for you.

swamy plab 2

Like you check in and check out dates and no of room mates, etc. Impressive information. PLAB 2. Kudos to your brilliant efforts so far. Here is the link:. PLAB 2 is the exam that comes with big things at stake. You are so close to your final destination, yet so far, as the final exam in this journey comes with some really hard work, dedication, perseverance and sometimes also a bit of luck.

I have seen people passing this exam with just like a day academy course and a week-long self-practice, and at the same time, I have seen people traumatized by failing this exam 3 to 4 times in a row and finally giving up on the journey to The UK or running out of PLAB 1 expiry date 2 years.

I always say, please listen to all other views and take your own decision wisely, as you know yourself better than anyone else. First thing to sort out is the PLAB 2 dates.

15 things to consider when choosing a PLAB 2 academy

There are a few things to keep in mind before booking a date. My recommendation to book a date is to go from the following approach:. For that, you need to go to the website of those academies and look for the class schedule.

From that date, add around 7 to 10 weeks for your self-preparation. The date that comes in your hand, as a result, is the appropriate one for your PLAB 2 exam. Every week there are about 3 to 4 exam days, each with the total capacity to accommodate 72 candidates.Having said that, there are examples of people passing PLAB 2, without joining an academy, but that makes the task very difficult.

I would never advise anyone to not join an academy for PLAB 2. After your course ends, ideally you should have weeks to prepare for the exam. However, even if you have less time, you can make it. Do not be discouraged if you have less time. But to give yourself a decent chance, you should have at the very least, two weeks after the course. Different academies have different methods of preparation.

You will have hours of classes every day. During the class, try to to be attentive and try to absorb as much as you can.

However, if it ends after that, it might be a bit difficult. Nearly no one is able to accomplish this task. You can practice with different people. You might make those mistakes in your exam as well.

How to Study for PLAB 2 (Experience shared by Abdullah Md Sayeed)

Having multiple partners trains you for different situations and circumstances. It gives you different perspective. And you also learn a lot from different people. Of course, I know a lot of people who had only one partner, and they passed the exam with a really good score. After the course ends, if you have 4 weeks or more, you can take a day off and relax.

Otherwise you might not be able to study properly if your mind is not relaxed enough. There are two approaches to this.PLAB 1 course and the mock tests are held only live online. We do not conduct live classes for PLAB 1 at our centre. Course will be for three weeks 21 days with 2 off days. There will be lecture theory class about a particular topic example — Respiratory system, Psychiatry etc in the morning and there will be discussion of past exam questions of the same topic in the afternoon.

Usually we teach one topic per day.

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We will give email you the lecture notes and past exam questions during the class. Mock tests. We conduct mock tests which almost similar to the PLAB 1 exam. Mock test will be held in the morning from 9am to 12 noon for 3 hours and there will be discussion of questions in the afternoon from 1.

Class timings. There will be 3 breaks. Coffee breaks for 15 minutes in the morning and evening and one hour lunch break. Dubai company:. We have opened a company in Dubai called GHP web portal. All our future online courses will be managed from the Dubai company. So the course fee has to be paid to the Dubai company. PLAB 1 course will be held only online. We do not conduct any live courses for PLAB 1. There will be 6 mock tests for this exam. Please make sure we recieve the exact amount as above when you transfer the fee by bank.

Please pay the bank transfer fee yourself.

swamy plab 2

You should inform us at least 3 days before the course start date if you come in a group. All the group members should be doing the course on the same date. Each mock test without attending the course. We have opened the company in Dubai called GHP web portal. You need to transfer the money to our Dubai bank in Dirhams. You need to pay by bank transfer to our Dubai bank. There is no refund for the course fee or the mock test fee once paid.

Plab 1 Course. Send Enquiry Now. Contact Form. Hint: Don't be negative or off topic. Reset Submit Form. PLAB 1 course and mock test fee. Three week course plus 6 mock tests.Ours is the only centre where you will be able to do things for real e. There is no overcrowding around manikins like in other centres which do not give you adequate practice especially if you have little time to spare. Candidates have access to all the manikins at anytime.

There is an hour lunch break 1pm-2pm plus 10 minute breaks every 2 hours. We also offer one to one help depending on the areas you need to improve. Our teaching is unique since we are very much individual oriented. We will indentify your weakness, improve those areas, build up your confidence and help you pass PLAB 2 exam. If you follow his instructions and adviceyour first attempt pass is a guaranteed success.

Come get help and pass your PLAB 2 exam. We have the right mix of experience and enthusiasm to ensure that our students have the knowledge as well as the zeal to appear in the exam with confidence. The academy is equipped with excellent manikins which are available to the students to practice without any restrictions everyday of the week Monday to Sunday. Doctor Samson and his team have the perfect skills to help you pass this exam.

This perfect mixture of experience and knowledge creates an excellent and explosive preparation for PLAB 2 exam that will allow you to compete well with others and help you pass PLAB 2 exam in your first attempt.

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The mocks can only be booked as per your GMC exam date as scheduled on our website. We will need to see your GMC exam date before booking your mocks. We pride ourselves in the quality of mocks that we provide.

How to Plan for PLAB 2 & Course/Academy

The mocks are as close to the real exam and our simulators are fantastic actors. Students are graded as per the GMC standard. Our team of examiners provides detailed feedback as well as encourages the candidates to do better with every mock and prepares them to take on the real exam with confidence.

I would advise you to attend the course at least weeks prior to the PLAB 2 exam to ensure that you have enough time to practise! All our candidates are provided with new GMC simman scenarios. You can have access to this manikin at anytime. We take candidates in a batch to ensure low candidate to teacher ratio which enables us to provide each candidate with more individual attention.

You will get 18 full scenarios in each mock just like in the real GMC exam. The mock tests will be booked for you according to your GMC exam booking and your mock test dates cannot be changed.

This is subject to availability. You will have the chance to interact with indigenous english actors and get a full GMC experience before your real exam. We will announce here once we resume. Terms and conditions: 1. The names of five group members must be emailed to us 5 days before the start date of the course.

NOTE: Please do not send emails or call office requesting to make payment on the first day or giving reasons for not paying 5 days before. There is no exception to these conditions. Practice rooms There is no overcrowding around manikins like in other centres which do not give you adequate practice especially if you have little time to spare.

We have new and exact match mannikins like in the GMC. The academy is equipped with excellent manikins which are available to the students to practice without any restrictions everyday of the week Monday to Sunday Samson Plab Teaching Staff: Doctor Samson and his team have the perfect skills to help you pass this exam.

Classrooms: We take candidates in a batch to ensure low candidate to teacher ratio which enables us to provide each candidate with more individual attention. The names of five group members must be emailed to us 5 days before the start date of the course 2. All the 5 members must make payment atleast 5 days before the start date of the course. All members of the group must attend the same course date on the first day.Please read our terms and conditions below and let me know if you need accommodation.

We advise you to book the accommodation at least one week before your arrival so that we can guarantee you a place in the accommodation. Accommodation at Levenshulme near to the training centre at Manchester.

These accommodations are within 3 to 4 minutes walking distance from the training centre. These are like flats. Each flat has 2 to 3 rooms. You will be sharing the bathroom and kitchen with 3 to 4 doctors in the same flat. Single and double rooms and family rooms are available:.

You will have to stay in a single room for the first 14 days and then you can shift to a double room if you wish. If we do not have any place available when you come, we may accommodate you in a nearby hotel until the place is available in our accommodation. Free wifi is also available. Pillow, Bed, bed sheet, Duvet and duvet cover also will be provided. If you wish you can bring your own linen. We have a bedside chest drawer with a latch in some of the accommodation.

We advise you to bring a small padlock with you so that you can keep your valuables under lock. We cannot be responsible for loss of valuables. Drinking Alcohol or smoking or using any kind of recreational drugs in the accommodation is strictly not allowed. If we find out you allowed any visitors in the room we will not refund your deposit as well as you may end up paying extra money.

If you come later than 7. You need to come to our Training centre first and pay the rent and then our accommodation manager will take you to the accommodation. M19 2LH. Sometimes you may need to wait in the centre for one or two hours for our accommodation manager to take you to the accommodation. You can pay the accommodation rent by bank transfer. We will email you our bank details when you book the accommodation with us.

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Rent needs to be paid on or before the check in day in full for the entire time of the period accommodation has been booked. This amount will be non-refundable. If the rent is not paid in full we will not accommodate you in the course practice or mock test. Please check our website " www. If you need our accommodation, please fill up the form below and email it back to us. You can copy paste the following information to your email.

If the room you booked is not available, we will inform you within 4 days of receiving your email. Once you email us the check in and check out dates there is no cancellation.Choosing a PLAB 2 academy was a nerve-wracking process for me!

PLAB 2 is a very important exam and I wanted to choose a centre that would give me the highest chance of passing. In this article I list the top 6 essentials for any PLAB academy to give you the right tools to succeed. I also discuss 9 other considerations that can affect your decision to enrol in a specific academy.

PLAB Courses Academy Oct 8th

This is the most important consideration when choosing a PLAB 2 coaching centre. What you are really paying for in these courses is high quality feedback.

So if you decide to invest in an academy, make sure you know what kind of feedback you will receive. The best type of feedback is individualised and should be delivered face-to-face. Ask about whether the mark sheets from your mock exams are returned to you and what opportunities there are to discuss your results with the examiner. PLAB 2 is a practical exam so it is not something that can be taught in a large lecture hall.

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Being able to see the teacher clearly as they demonstrate practical skills, and being able to ask questions is essential. Group size also affects the quality of feedback that you will receive so the smaller the group the better.

Personally I feel more hesitant to ask questions when the group has more than 20 participants but this differs from person to person. You can find out the group size by checking the official website of the academies or by contacting them directly. This may give you a more accurate and unbiased answer. Some boast that their teachers have been training doctors for PLAB for many years while others focus on them being registrars or Consultants.

For me, having a teacher who is a Consultant may sound impressive but familiarity with the exam itself holds heavier weight. Find out how long the academy has been in operation for and try to contact former students about who was actually doing the teaching in the course. When the course ends, your work begins.

Intentional focused practice is vital to your success. The centre must have space for you to practice including access to mannequins.

Find out what the opening times are for practice sessions and how accessible the mannequins and SimMan are. Word of advice: a SimMan station comes out in almost every PLAB 2 exam so make sure the academy of your choice has one!

To practice effectively you need time. If the academy only runs once a month and leaves you just weeks for practice, I would advise against it. Look for a centre that has dates that allow you more time.

I generally suggest a minimum of 3 weeks between the end of the course and your PLAB 2 date. Most people suggest weeks as safest which is also fine. Check the start and end dates of the course as well as the mock exam dates. At some point you will get fatigued, your performance will plateau, and no further improvement can be made.

So just keep burnout in mind if you are planning to allocate months between the course and the exam. PLAB 2 is at least 2 and half hours long with 18 stations of 8 minutes duration each.

swamy plab 2

You need stamina to finish each station strong and this requires practice.PLAB test is designed to assess the knowledge and skills of international medical graduates. The pass mark for the PLAB test reflects what is expected of a doctor entering their second year of their Foundation program training.

This includes the professional values and behaviors required of doctors, which are fundamental to delivering excellent care for example, practicing in accordance with the core GMC guidance and within their competence. Online course will be similar to skype. Break times — Coffee breaks for 15 minutes around 11am and 4pm.

Lunch break for 1 hour at about 1. During the course there will be 12 days of lecture covering all the topics required for the PLAB 2 exam.

During this time you may not be able to practice on the mannequins or take any mock tests.

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We will provide you the course materials. We do have other good teachers to teach the remaining topics. Advise on how to do the course. We advise everyone to attend the course at least 5 to 6 weeks prior to the exam. First attend the 12 days course. Then you practice on all the taught topics among yourself as a group in the centre for about 2 to 3 weeks.

You can practice on the mannequins too until your exam for free. Take the mock tests few days prior to the exam which prepares you well for the real exam.

There will be 18 OSCE stations where you will rotate in a circuit through 18 rooms, and there will be 2 rest staions So totally 20 stations. Each station will be of 10 minutes duration. You will be given two minutes to read the question and 8 minutes to perform your task.

You do not need to take anything into the exam hall including watch or any medical equipments.